About Location Partnership

The Location Partnership is a London based location library and collaboration of location managers and scouts. We started way back in 1998 in the dark, but slightly more romantic age, of pre-digital photography with a Soho office groaning under the weight of tens of thousands of photos of locations in London, the UK and all around the world. As the location library grew our key aim was to ensure that we were providing not just the locations that everyone thought they wanted…but also the ones that they didn’t know existed. Locations which are new, fresh and well photographed. And most importantly, locations which we know will work logistically and practically for shoots.

Our location managers are working on a day-to-day basis on a wide variety of productions so we all know exactly what directors and photographers are looking for out of their locations and also what makes a location work well for both the production and the owner. Combining creativity and practicality in our approach has always been a key element of this. Our location library backed up with all this hands on location management experience allows us to give both our clients and location owners a service that we believe is unrivalled.

The location library has always featured not just inspirational and exceptional spaces but also the simple, regular and even mundane locations that make up the full palette required by film-makers and photographers. It is continuously evolving and being updated through our research and from locations uncovered by our scouts while working on specific projects.

In 2012 we joined forces with Amazing Space. They had always had a highly respected presence as a location agency representing stunning industrial and commercial locations and higher end residential locations. Combining this with our wider on-set experience and more comprehensive library has been a huge step forward for both companies.

In addition to the online library featured here and on the Amazing Space website we have an enormous catalogue of locations and images which for various reasons don’t make it onto the website. These are invaluable for helping clients with difficult or very specific briefs that aren’t able to be solved through the regular location library route. We are always happy to help with location advice, reference photos, costings, and logistics questions for anyone preparing budgets or working on tricky projects.


How it all works...

It is free to look through the library. If you require us to put a portfolio together for you this is also, within reason, a free service. We will also arrange recces at no charge.

Should you end up shooting at a location from the library there will be a library charge of £250 for the first location and £150 for subsequent locations for the same project. If one of our location managers is working on your project and one of the library locations is used then a reduced fee of £150 is charged. The library charge for stills advertising is £200, editorial is £150 and the fees for student or personal projects are negotiable.

We will advise you on the fees that you can expect to pay to use different locations and we will always negotiate the best fees on your behalf. Library fees and location fees must be paid in full prior to any location use.

Public Liability Insurance is required when shooting at any location.


We cannot guarantee availability or cost of the locations, or if they have changed in appearance. We strongly recommend that you recce a location before a shoot. Although we try to keep notes of parking restrictions at our locations, we do not always have the details and cannot guarantee they are still accurate. If you need parking organised for unit vehicles or, where it is not a building, permissions for exterior filming / photography, then please call us to find out about Location Manager availability in order to do this for you.